Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies for Being an Alpha Asian Male

lady killer dating strategies


Publisher-JT Tran

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Language- English
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You need to download this book if you have EVER thought that race, height, or looks ever held you back from being the confident man you always knew you were supposed to be. Don't let another day go by without becoming the Alpha Asian Male you were destined to be. Click now and get the girl!

Are you angry at the media for constantly portraying Asian men as weak, asexual nerds or worse a kung fu chop-socky ninjas? Have you ever suspected that the reason that white woman turned you down for a coffee date was because she was secretly prejudiced against Asians? Then this book is for you.

This jam packed eBook report will blow the walls of your mind as I explore 6 dating strategies that are guaranteed to work and instantly give you better results with women. From body language tips for confidence to rejection free ways to kiss the girl and dealing with racism and stereotypes, I've discovered specific techniques designed specifically to help you become the Alpha Asian Man you know you can be. 


6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies for Being an Alpha Asian Male

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Best Ever Indian Recipes

the best ever indian recipes

ISBN-13: 978-1405420457
Language- English

Book Description-

This selection of Indian recipes will fill your kitchen with appetizing aromas and enticing flavors. Indian cuisine is presented with step-by-step instructions, photographs of key stages of preparation and helpful tips to help you create the finest Indian food. There are recipes for soups, appetizers, meat, fish, vegetarian courses and delightful desserts. This cookbook has a covered spiral binding which allows the book to open flat to the recipe of your choice.


10 Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

tips for building a strong relationship


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Language- English

Book Description-

When you hear about couples who maintain a strong relationship through all of life’s challenges, you may wonder how they do it. Some of these couples have faced the same kinds of difficulties that can lead to break-ups for other people, such as financial problems, trouble with in-laws, or differences in interests or personalities. But somehow, these couples have stayed together while others haven’t.
For a long time marriage counselors and others thought that couples had the best chance of staying together if they had similar backgrounds and interests. But recently, experts have developed a different view. Many people now believe that common backgrounds and interests may be less important than other factors, such as differences in values, how couples handle disagreements, or how committed they are.
Every couple is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for a good relationship. But people who’ve stayed together for a long time tend to have some of the same things in common. Here are ten tips based on the conclusions experts have drawn from studying successful relationships: 


10 Tips for Building a Strong Relationship

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adsense Revenue Exposed-Discover How To Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash

Discover How To Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash

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Language- English 

Book Description-

"Discover How To Turn Your Web Site's Content Into Cash!"

This step-by-step guide will help you unlock the secrets of generating huge Adsense checks, each and every month. You will learn the tricks to creating a website Google will love, and the exact format and placement of your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)!

Table Of Content

Make Sense of Google AdSense – and make money!

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is an application of AdWords beyond

How the Ads Get On Your Site

Google AdSense programs: Choose your weapon(s)!

AdSense for content

Blocking Ads – you choose

Reviewing and filtering Ads – semi-automatic

Allowing the publisher to select an ad

The look-and-feel of Ads can be customized

Tools for analysis

AdSense for Search

Google AdSense Premium service

How much can I make with AdSense and how do I get started?

Part 1: Join the AdSense Program

Understanding Google policies

Content – The Key to AdSense!

Part 2: The 5-Step Plan to Success

Step 1 - Formatting Ad Blocks

Step 2 - Ad Placement

Step 3 - Researching Keywords

Step 4 - Developing Content

Step 5 - Tracking and Reports

URL Channels

Custom Channels

Server Logs

Part 3: Summary and Additional Resources

AdSense Do’s and Don’ts



Two More AdSense Opportunities: RSS and Blogs

Adding Google Ads to your RSS feeds

Placing AdSense ads on your Blogs


The Hero's Choice-Living From the Inside Out

the hero's choice

March 31, 2009
Publisher- Roger K. Allen 
ISBN-13: 9780979783128 
No of Pages: 270 


Hal Stratton's life is turned upside down when, without warning, the board of directors of his own company fires him. The event sends Hal into a tailspin and he alienates everyone around him as he struggles desperately to make sense out of what happened and find a way forward. Eventually, the crisis awakens him to a new way of seeing and thinking. But old habits die hard. Gradually and haltingly, Hal opens his heart to the lessons of life and eventually discovers an inner peace, joy, love, and abundance he d never thought possible. Circumstances have not changed. But life, for Hal, has changed dramatically. The book is a beautiful story of becoming; of learning to handle the challenges of life in new and empowering ways; of coming from a bigger place; of learning to communicate openly so people can stop seeing one another as adversaries and come to a shared understanding of the challenges they face.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way

the animal kingdom way


Condition: New
ISBN13: 9781449948313
Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


I am here to present the brilliant Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way. Diets don’t work. Studies have shown that only 5 to 10 percent of people who go on a diet are able to keep the weight off for more than a year
With so many available these days, it is wise to have a brand you can recognize. The Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way is certainly that and will be an excellent acquisition. Yet even with this 95 percent failure rate the weight loss industry continues to flood the market with new diets and useless gimmicks
What’s the secret to true, long lasting weight loss? The key is to focus on your habits as they are related to food, not dieting. 

Unlike animals in nature human beings acquire a whole host of unnatural habits related to food without even realizing it. By changing these habits, most of whom you are probably not even aware off, you can start to lose weight naturally and easily. Get off the Diet roller coaster and start losing weight WITHOUT dieting today! To learn more about this course as well as others related to natural fitness and health (including information on how you can get this book for free!!) visit to learn more.


Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting: The Animal KIngdom Way