Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Hero's Choice-Living From the Inside Out

the hero's choice

March 31, 2009
Publisher- Roger K. Allen 
ISBN-13: 9780979783128 
No of Pages: 270 


Hal Stratton's life is turned upside down when, without warning, the board of directors of his own company fires him. The event sends Hal into a tailspin and he alienates everyone around him as he struggles desperately to make sense out of what happened and find a way forward. Eventually, the crisis awakens him to a new way of seeing and thinking. But old habits die hard. Gradually and haltingly, Hal opens his heart to the lessons of life and eventually discovers an inner peace, joy, love, and abundance he d never thought possible. Circumstances have not changed. But life, for Hal, has changed dramatically. The book is a beautiful story of becoming; of learning to handle the challenges of life in new and empowering ways; of coming from a bigger place; of learning to communicate openly so people can stop seeing one another as adversaries and come to a shared understanding of the challenges they face.