Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies for Being an Alpha Asian Male

lady killer dating strategies


Publisher-JT Tran

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Language- English
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You need to download this book if you have EVER thought that race, height, or looks ever held you back from being the confident man you always knew you were supposed to be. Don't let another day go by without becoming the Alpha Asian Male you were destined to be. Click now and get the girl!

Are you angry at the media for constantly portraying Asian men as weak, asexual nerds or worse a kung fu chop-socky ninjas? Have you ever suspected that the reason that white woman turned you down for a coffee date was because she was secretly prejudiced against Asians? Then this book is for you.

This jam packed eBook report will blow the walls of your mind as I explore 6 dating strategies that are guaranteed to work and instantly give you better results with women. From body language tips for confidence to rejection free ways to kiss the girl and dealing with racism and stereotypes, I've discovered specific techniques designed specifically to help you become the Alpha Asian Man you know you can be. 


6 Lady Killer Dating Strategies for Being an Alpha Asian Male